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Your Digital Financial Therapist

Personalised program for improved financial wellness. Healthy new habits, for life.

Created by behavioral science.

Designed to focus on what matters: YOU

Your money behaviour is learned in childhood. You are making the most important life decisions based on beliefs you are not even aware of. 
Take charge of your financial happiness.
One click away, in your Merri digital platform.


Understand your money behaviour profile

 You can do that by answering a 10 minutes online survey, as quickly as ordering your takeout lunch.

We use our research expertise in Behavioral Finance and Financial Therapy to create a scientific profile of your money behaviour.

Did you know there are 4 basic profiles?

 We call them The Dreamer, The Seeker, The Guardian and The King.

Each profile gives insights from why you hide that pair of shoes purchase from your husband to your likelihood to maintain a lower credit card debt.


Embark in a 4 month gamified online journey for financial wellness

Fancy your next vacation? Saving for a new house? Children going to college? Or dreaming about financial independence?

Your journey is 100% online. You have a weekly program to follow: do, think, act, analyse, connected to your goals and past behaviour. As a real hero, the journey will have challenges, friends and prizes along the road.

Final prize?

Improved financial wellness for life.



You are not alone. Book your private meeting with a financial therapist

Do you feel you need additional support?

We have a team of skilled financial therapists (certified practitioners to give you financial advice and psychological counselling) that understand you.

Book your one-to-one confidential online meeting with a financial therapist in our platform.

Check-in as often you need or create your meeting program together with your counsellor.



What’s Next?

Get Merri as your best employee benefit

Money (69%), work (65%) and economy (61%) are the most common sources for employee stress.

Financial Stress is defined as a condition that is the result of financial and/or economic events that create anxiety, worry, or a sense of scarcity, and is accompanied by a physiological stress response.

Get Merri in your employee benefit package to stop worrying and start enjoying your life. For ever.


Developed with Science, Created with people in mind

How does it work

You perform an online 20 minutes test for individual profiling.

The only scientifically validated Romanian test for money behaviours. Uniquely you.

All in Merri platform – available as part of your employee benefit package.


On our Merri platform, your four months program is personalised for your money behaviour profile. Each week, your progress is rewarded.

The program is 100% confidential.


You can compete with your colleagues on improved financial wellness skills, or you can choose to keep your progress to yourself.

Anyway, you are a winner in the first Financial Therapy program in Eastern Europe!

Choose financial wellness for life!

Interested to bring this innovative employee benefit to your colleagues?

Be the first to know how to scientifically create financial wellness for your colleagues. And improved engagement. In a fun engaging way. A benefit for life.

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